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sash windows kentFree Online Prices For Sash Windows

Double Glazing On The Web will provide you with free prices for sash windows in Kent.

Our window prices calculator will provide you with a unique cost for your replacement window, simply enter your window measurements to begin the quoting process.

Each cost is tailored to your specifications. You can choose your uPVC window colour, glazing style and energy rating.

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All our online guide prices for sash windows in Kent are free, with no obligation to buy.
Each sash window cost will include the price of installation so if you are looking for supply only, please contact us here.

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At Double Glazing On The Web, we have a wide network of fully accredited double glazing companies. If you’re looking for a trusted window installer in Kent, then we can put you in touch with a trusted local installer.

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uPVC Sash Windows In Kent

If you are looking for a beautiful and traditional looking window, then the uPVC sash window will give you the authentic aesthetics you are after.

Sliding Sash Windows

Combining a traditional design with modern uPVC technology, the sliding sash window is built with an advanced operating mechanism making them highly durable.

They offer the very best of style and functionality, providing you with a long lasting window which will not only maintain your property’s aesthetics but ensure that your home is warm, comfortable and protected against the elements.

sash windows kent

sash windows kent

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are also known as vertical sliding sash windows. These uPVC sash windows are designed to slide vertically either upwards or downwards.

In a uPVC sash window, tradtional pulleys are replaced with spiral balances and an innovative tilting mechanism.This is to provide effective ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Astragal Bars

uPVC sash windows can be designed to mimic the appearance of a traditional Georgian window which is divided into panes. Astragal bars are fixed to the glass but are not integral to the window.

This makes you uPVC sash window appear uniquely crafted, giving the impression of multiple panes.

Sash Window Features & Benefits

Designed in the likeness of a traditional timber sash window, the uPVC sliding sash window will help maintain a traditional aesthetic. This means you benefit from an authentic looking window as well as enjoying the additional benefits of a uPVC design.

The uPVC sash window is not heavy or hard to maneuver. The uPVC sash window can be opened from both the top and bottom, allowing warm air to escape through the top sections whilst cool air enters from below, giving you effective and accessible ventilation.

The uPVC profile provides excellent weather resistance. Your uPVC sash window combined with energy efficient double glazing will increase your homes efficiency further, giving you a warm and comfortable home to enjoy throughout the year.


Compared to a standard wooden sash window, a uPVC sliding sash window provides superior sound insulation. This can be perfect for homes situated in busy, built-up areas.

A uPVC sash window will not require re-painting and it will not rot or warp like its wooden counterparts. Highly durable, your new uPVC window has been designed to eliminate the flaws found in standard sash windows.

Sash Window Prices

Sash Window Size Colour Guide Price
500mm x 500mm White £525 – £600
500mm x 500mm Wood Grain £625 – £700
1000mm x 500mm White £600 – £700
1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £700 – £800
1000mm x 1000mm White £626 – £727
1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £727 – £828
1200mm x 1200mm White £725 – £875
1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £850 – £950

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Sash Window Prices

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